How Hoeing Became a Trend

This video is dedicated to chowder125 who made the comment that the "Nigerian Pussy" song by Princess Vitarah was her motivation song for doing squats. I had to go into my vault and find those original videos that started this trend inherited by Princess Vitarah. The trend of taking the girl next door and turning her into a ho started with the lyrics and ended with visuals from the videos. In this case, the video represented a variety of ho looking characters integrating with homosexual/biosexual women along with ordinary women playing dress-up. Most of the characters were a fantasy and a very small minority within the black female population. However, many of these characters have come to life and now have become main characters within our community. The stripper character is so commercialized on Viacom that she has become the leading lady of Hip Hop. An increasing amount of women are using sex as a source of income an

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